What If You Knew - NM
Supporting the Health Security for New Mexicans Campaign
Congress passed an insurance reform bill and President Obama has signed it.  In addition
they followed with a bill that corrected some important issues and President Obama has
signed that as well.  
This is good news!

Under this new bill each state is going to be required to set up an insurance cooperative
where people can purchase from any "approved" company.  This still leaves the insurance
companies in control of our health care and costs.  
This is not good!

There is no public option in the new health insurance reform act.  In fact, the states are
prohibited from providing their own, lower cost insurance until at least 2017.  Single-payer
insurance will save a lot of money, there is no single-payer plan in the new reform law and the
2017 provision blocks any state from setting up a single-payer plan within the next seven

What we must do now is lobby to get the 2017 provision removed so that individual states can
set up their own health care coverage plan.  We have increased the number of people who
can buy insurance and we have enacted some subsidies and some tax incentives to help
people pay for insurance.  The new law does not regulate the cost of insurance, nor does it
address the problems with the paperwork related to receiving payment for health care
provided.  The costs to the physician and other health care provider have not been reduced
and they easily could have been.  The shortage of doctors and nurses is not being dealt with.  
There is a lot more work yet to be done.

Please join the Health Security for New Mexicans Campaign so that we can finish the job that
Congress and President Obama have started.